June 28, 2011

son-day funday

I guess just about every day in our house could be described as a "son-day" because every day is all about Malcolm.

Since this weekend brought with it some beautiful mild-yet-sunny weather, we were able to take advantage and head outdoors ... Finally!

Keeping it simple (since the husband was out golfing for most of the day), Malcolm and I spent a lot of time just hanging around the front porch and yard, overseeing the neighborhood in typical lazy Sunday fashion.

Intently watching the cars (and motorcycles!) buzz down the street was fun for a while ...

Tee-shirt: Cherokee ($1.50 from Target sale rack)
Shorts: The Kid Source (Hand-me-down gift)
Sandals: Arizona Jean Company (thrifted for $2.00)

Then Malcolm decided to stop and smell (then destroy) the flowers ...

As summer unfolds before us, I can see many more "son-days" just like this ... And that is fine with me!

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