June 2, 2011

a matter of taste

Although mealtime can be a challenge (sometimes Malcolm does NOT want to sit still, even if it is to fill his face with food), I am often amazed at the variety of foods my son is willing to consume.

My husband and I have laughed that Malcolm has been able to eat things at 20-months-old, that we didn't get to try until somewhat recently.

Take, for example, avocados.

I never touched (let alone considered eating) an avocado until I was well into my 20's. Guacamole and all its deliciousness was lost on me ... That is, until my family's holiday trip to Mexico where all I did was add guacamole to my meals. On my tacos, tostadas, with chips or tortillas ... Yum!

I'm certainly sold on guacamole (or just plain old avocados) today ...

And so is Malcolm.

Throw a little leftover guacamole on some corn tortillas and you'd think the kid hadn't eaten in years. That's how fast he shoves it into his mouth. And if the avocado has browned slightly? He doesn't even notice. He's like a little avocado garbage disposal.

All that to say, our son is a pretty good eater ...

So, I find it rather humorous that Malcolm will not touch hotdogs.

I mean, what kid doesn't like a HOTDOG?

This past Memorial Day weekend, while hanging at the lake, I tried on two separate occasions to sneak a bite of hotdog into his delicate palate.


Both times, he was on to me and promptly ejected the errant dog.

Maybe he prefers a grilled hotdog (instead of a boiled one)? Or one overflowing with condiments? Or a chili-cheese dog? Who knows?

I guess, from now on, I'll forget about the hotdogs and stick with what works ... Guacamole.

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