June 29, 2011

winding down

Instead of taking two e-learning graduate classes and finishing up my degree this summer (as I wrote about here), I opted to make my life a little bit easier ... And withdrew from one of my classes.

It has worked out extremely well.

Better than I could have anticipated, actually.

Over the past six weeks, I've had to be "in my office" for my virtual school anyway (and after finals the first week of June and grades being due the week after that), let's just say I've had lots of time to spare. This extra time spent at home has given me ample opportunity to complete my weekly discussions and various research-related projects (like journal reviews and PowerPoint presentations), as well as take the time to do fun things that I (or Malcolm) want to do.

In many ways, this has been the most painless graduate class that I have ever had to take.

It's almost as if I'm not taking a class at all.

No textbooks.

No written exams.

No 10-page papers.

No leaving my house.

And, probably best of all, tuition reimbursement from my employer! So, it's like this course doesn't even exist financially ...

It has truly been wonderful and I'm almost sad to see it end once the calendar flips to July.

With one class of my own choosing (and the comprehensive test) left to go, I am well on my way to getting that Masters degree in Education ... A good five years in the making. I may not have wrapped everything up this summer as I originally intended, but I'm okay with that.

Sure, my life will continue to get crazier as Malcolm becomes more of a handful (and siblings are added to the mix?) ... But I definitely have enough presence of mind and support from my husband and other family members to achieve my goals.

It's not a question of "if" I will do it, but rather a question of "when."

So, in the meantime, I will let life take me where it will ... Enjoy what's left of my education this summer and spend many precious moments with the son (and family) I love.

And, really, what could be better?

I can't think of a single thing.

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