September 23, 2011

another birthday letter

My dearest Malcolm,

Do you realize that today is your second birthday?

That you went from this:

To this:

In only 730 short days?

Looking at you, the physical differences are staggering ... Were you ever really that small? That fragile? That helpless? And when did you go from looking like me, to looking like your Dad (as most friends and family members point out)?

It seems impossible to imagine (and sometimes I don't like to think about it), but you are growing by leaps and bounds every single day. You are no longer my lumpy little baby of two years ago ...

You are my big boy of right now.

In the year since your last birthday, you have learned so much.

You are an expert walker ... And runner ... And dancer ... And climber ... Although, you are not without your klutzy moments. Sometimes, you fall down for apparently no reason at all and laugh at yourself (while we laugh with you). "Oh no!" you shout, your shoulders raising in an incredulous shrug, as if you can't believe you're on the floor again. But then you pull yourself right back up and go to it.

You are starting to talk ... As others have warned me, "one day, the dam will break," and it is certainly showing signs of crumbling. While you enjoy your signs (thanks to countless hours of watching borrowed Signing Time DVDs while I am working), and have a huge "signing" vocabulary, you are definitely becoming more verbal and more adept at communicating your wants and needs.

Just yesterday, you very clearly pulled my attention from my laptop, signed "food," and then nonchalantly stated, "up!" You had had enough of your living room toys and wanted to play with your plastic food in your bedroom upstairs. Who am I to deny such a sweet request ... So, work was put on hold for a moment and we climbed the stairs together.

Just me and you.

My biggest boy.

Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate our time together. You are even more of a little person than you were a year ago and your personality only continues to grow. Your laugh. Your smile. Your sense of humor. Your nerdy love of the moon, and stars, and sun (That's my boy!). It all combines to make you uniquely and wonderfully you.

"The perfect first child," as my mother would say ... And she would know, because she had a perfect first child, too.

You are everything I could have possibly imagined in a son (and more!) and I love you more than words could ever possibly express ... And no number of visits to "The Naughty Spot" could ever change that.

There are times when I look at you (whether you are sleeping in your crib, reading quietly to yourself, running amok in the backyard, or sucking your thumb as you cuddle your blanket, Spot), that I still can't believe that you are really here and you are mine ... And that you are now turning two! Time certainly flies and I will spend every moment of each coming year we share together taking the time to just love and cherish you.

My life was forever changed on your birthday two years ago ... I only wish I could give you a gift that is half as wonderful.

Love always,


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