September 22, 2011

just your average morning

Tomorrow, you will turn two years old.

But today ... Today, is just your average morning.

Although you will hold up two fingers when prompted, you are oblivious to the milestone that you are about to reach ... The "terrible twos" as others so often like to remind me.

But I don't think any year with you could ever be terrible.

You have always been easygoing and, while you are definitely pushing your limits and declaring your independence, your sweet spirit never wavers.

You're happy to hang out in your pajamas and play with Dad's old Batman action figures.

Or read books.

Or play with your cart full of food.

Thermal pajamas:
Gerber (thrifted for $0.50)

And me?

I'm happy to sit right here and watch you all day long (and I would if I didn't have work to do). To take in these simple moments and store them in the back of my memory.

Because, although you are growing each and every day, you will always be my baby boy.

That will never change.

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