September 28, 2011

milk, bread, and a pregnancy test

I knew I was pregnant even before taking the test.

As a Biology teacher (and all-around science nerd), I pride myself on understanding my feminine cycles, how they work, and what they mean ... So, when Tuesday came and went and there were no signs (not even any impending ones) of a period, I just knew.

Malcolm and I were on vacation with my family at the time, spending a fun-filled week at our cottage in Conneaut Lake. The husband wasn't even there yet (he'd be arriving later that night), so the secret was mine to keep. When he finally did show up, I remained mum. He had had a rough drive down, narrowly missing a deer as it bolted across the winding country road, and had spilled an entire bottle of red wine (for Sangria to impress my mother) in the back seat ...

Not exactly an ideal jumping off point for the "Hey, Honey! We're pregnant again!" discussion.

I told him the following day while we were out shopping together. I tried to seem uncertain, so as not to freak him out and ruin his would-be relaxing vacation ... We'd know for sure once we returned home and took a pregnancy test, but, for now, I was about 85% certain our family would be growing in size. He took the news well (better than the first time around!) and we just went with it ...

Vacation progressed as usual.

Once the week was up, we returned home and got ready for the back-to-work grind. I headed to the grocery store for some items ... Milk, bread, and a pregnancy test. I'd take the test in the morning (although, as I said before, I already knew).

When the two pink lines materialized (almost immediately) on the test strip I wasn't exactly surprised by the result. I sleepily wandered downstairs to confirm the news with the husband ...

In less than one year, we'd be parents to not one, but two children.

So, here we are, fourteen weeks in and, although I knew all that time ago, the reality of the situation is still a bit fuzzy in my mind.

Am I really gestating a second kid?

Did we really share the news with our closest friends and family at Malcolm's birthday party?

Yes ... We definitely did.

I am pregnant.

Our family of three is well on its way to becoming a family of four ...

And I (we) couldn't be any more excited!

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  1. YAY!!! Congratulations to all of you!!! That is so exciting! =)