May 31, 2011

nature boy

I have had the privilege of calling Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania my main summer vacation destination from the time I was a baby. Year after year, I have gotten to spend many a weekend at my Grandparents' (it has since been passed down to my Mom and her siblings) cottage just houses away from the lake.

Even today, there's nothing better than the feeling you get when visiting Conneaut Lake for that first trip of the summer (over Memorial Day weekend) ... Seeing the lake come into view, pulling down the rocky lane, and just waiting to jump out of the car ...

Taking that first walk down to the dock to see what had changed (and what, inevitably, was exactly the same as last year) ...

There was something about dipping your toes (or in Malcolm's case, your toes and most of your legs) in the water.

As if, by the very act of doing it, summer had truly arrived.

Tee-shirt: Sprokets (thrifted for $0.50)
Jeans: The Children's Place (thrifted for $2.00)
Shoes: Sketchers (thrifted for $0.50)

Welcome to the lake, Malcolm.

It's going to be a great summer!

May 27, 2011

pint-sized picasso

Although he has an affinity for chewing on crayons (as soon as they are freed from the box!), he's a natural in a different medium ...

Sidewalk chalk.

May 24, 2011

a day at the park

What do you do when the weather is gorgeous (if not a bit too hot)?

Pack up the toddler and head to the park, of course!

Tee-shirt: Circo (thrifted for $1.00)
Jean shorts: Garanimals (thrifted for $1.00)
Shoes: Sketchers (thrifted for $0.50)

May 23, 2011

music to my ears

It's official.

A "first word" was added to Malcolm's baby book over the weekend ...


My heart swells just thinking about it.

What an awesome moment!

May 20, 2011

window seat

One of my new favorites ...

I can't believe how old he is beginning to look!

No longer a baby, but a total little boy ...

May 19, 2011


Within the past week or so, Malcolm has taken to running into my legs (full force) and wrapping his arms around them for a great big toddler-sized hug.

I can be standing in the kitchen preparing dinner, brushing my teeth at the sink in the bathroom, or just standing still for a moment, taking a breath and planning my next move and ...


There he is.

Running at me from across the room or around the corner.

Hugging my legs and catching me off guard ... A huge grin plastered across his face.

He may not be able to say it yet, but his actions proclaim it from the rooftops.

This kid loves his Mama!

May 17, 2011

sunny disposition

It's sort of depressing that the photos I snapped a week ago are already outdated (weatherwise) by the time I am able to use them for the Tuesday "baby fashion" post!

The sunny, gorgeous weather in the following photos has currently given way to something much more rainy and cold ...

At least Malcolm's naturally positive attitude is a bit more difficult to alter!

Sasquatch tee-shirt: Circo (on sale for $1.75)
Pants: Garanimals (thrifted for $0.50)
Socks: Old Navy (gift)
Shoes: Stride Rite (thrifted for $2.50)

May 13, 2011

mother (in-law?) knows best

It's no secret that I have been anxiously awaiting the moment Malcolm decides to say his first word.

From the time he was one year old, I was giddy with anticipation.

Would he say "Mama?"

Maybe "Dada?"

Something else entirely?

It really didn't matter as long as it was a real word.

And I truly believe that is the case. That Malcolm has to choose to do it.

I strongly believe that he has all the tools necessary ... He can hear properly, his mouth and palate are formed correctly, he has plenty of verbal stimulation by way of conversations and books being read ... I don't think there is any reason for concern regarding this small delay.

My son is strong-willed ... Just like his mother.

He will talk when he finally feels like doing so.

Unfortunately, my mother-in-law sees the same things I do and finds reason for concern ... But, I should add, that is her way. She is a worrier. Anxious. Apt to blow simple things out of proportion. An over-reactor. To her, Malcolm's speech delay is a sign of problems. Something that should be looked into sooner rather than later ...

But I (respectfully) disagree.

While I certainly want what's best for my son (as I know she does, too), I don't see the rush in taking him for a hearing test right now. His doctor and I have been monitoring his language development since he was born and he will be tested if adequate progress is not made by the time he goes back for his two-year appointment (in only four months). In my mind, there is no reason to spend the time or money on a diagnostic test that will, most likely, come back normal anyway.

It doesn't help that my husband is right on board with his mom.

"What's the big deal?" He wonders. "There's no harm in having him tested early."

Which is true, too.

And he is the father, afterall ... So his opinion (no matter how strongly I may disagree) matters.

This is one of those times where I wish more people read (and commented) on this blog! I could definitely use some differing opinions on the issue ... And personal experiences to either back up my mother-in-law (and husband) or myself!

My gut tells me that my child is perfectly normal and that it's not a big deal to take a "wait and see" approach until he turns two ...

So far, my gut has been pretty good at this whole "mothering" thing ...

May 11, 2011

daddy's little helper

One of the best things about having a toddler is their constant a desire to "help."

Malcolm loves carefully putting his toys in containers, stacking his books, opening and closing drawers, and generally mimicking what the adults around him do ...

So when my husband started washing our cars on Saturday afternoon, Malcolm wanted to be right out there with him:

He may have been soaked from head to toe by the end of it all ... But he was certainly proud of himself for being such a big help!

May 10, 2011

mommy's little man

It completely kills me that, in the span of one Mother's Day, Malcolm has gone from this:

To this:


Has anyone seen my cuddly little baby?

Yet, despite the dwindling disbelief that my easy-going little man has changed to become a strong-willed, ornery toddler, I am so grateful to be his Mom.

He fills my days with such light and goodness that it is hard to imagine how I survived before he was part of the picture. How I could truly feel happy and whole without him in my life?

(And, seriously, what the heck did I do to fill my time?)

Sure, barely being able to sit up only one year ago has turned into perpetual motion (and lots of escape attempts) ...

Tee-shirt: Old Navy ($1.50)
Cargo pants: Genuine Baby (gift)
Socks: Circo ($1.00)
Shoes: Faded Glory ($6.00)

But I honestly wouldn't want it any other way.

The kid is cute.

And his toothy grin has a way of melting my heart ...

I'm so lucky to be his Mom!

May 6, 2011

no laughing matter

We're over nineteen months in and Malcolm still has not broken his verbal silence.

No words.

Not one.

Not even "Mama!!"

(Maybe he's waiting for Mother's Day)

But the boy can do an excellent impression of Count von Count from Sesame Street ...

All day long I hear a never ending chorus of: "Ah! Ah! Ah!"

When pointing at a picture of The Count in one of his books ...

When indicating he would like to watch a Sesame Street DVD (for the millionth time) ...

When listening to someone else count any number of objects ...

When asked to identify his Grampa (my Dad, and the one I'm holding responsible for this Count obsession) in a picture ...

When wanting to break the (uncomfortable?) silence in the room ...

Whenever he darn well feels like it ...

Words are useless, apparently, when you can laugh like the Count.

May 5, 2011

one year later

So I missed the official one year anniversary of this blog (yesterday)!

Go figure.

I must have a toddler in the house taking up most of my time ...

Or something.

May 3, 2011


This weekend, my little family of three joined a high school friend at the March for Babies in downtown Cleveland.

Having a healthy child of my own (who was carried full term with absolutely no problems or complications to speak of), I find myself wanting to give back and support organizations like the March of Dimes that can make my reality a reality for every mother-to-be.

There isn't a moment that goes by where I am unaware how how unbelievably lucky I am ... Lucky to be the mother of a healthy nineteen month old boy. Lucky to be married to such a loving and supportive husband (who agreed to wake up earlier than usual on his Sunday morning and be the wagon-puller). The list is endless ...

From the moment we walked out the back door, Malcolm was ready to go ...

Fleece jacket: Circo ($1.75 at Target)
Overalls: Genuine Kids (thrifted for $2.50)
Socks: Circo (gift)
Shoes: Stride Rite (thrifted for $3.00)

Layered and bundled from head to toe, not even the drizzly, dreary day could stop him (or us)!

I think it's safe to say we all had a great time walking through the city in support of an old friend and a really important cause.

Shark Hat: The Children's Place ($6.50)

I wouldn't be surprised if we made it back out next year!