March 15, 2013

for my pearl

My dearest Pearl Agnes,

Today is your first birthday ... 

Can it really be that a whole year has passed us already?

It seems like, just yesterday, I was waddling around the house, lamenting that none of my clothes fit, and dreaming of the second son I'd soon get to meet.

Yes, it is true.

I was nearly one hundred percent confident that you were going to be a little boy from the moment I knew you were in there.  Everything about your pregnancy was identical to my pregnancy with Malcolm (from the way I was "carrying" right down to the exact same salty cravings) ... So it made sense I'd be getting a little boy at the end.

Oh boy (pun intended), what a surprise it was to have you placed on my chest with the jubilant announcement "it's a little girl!"

And, in all honesty, looking back on our first year together, I've never been happier to be wrong in all my life.

Despite my (intial and unwarranted) negative feelings about having a daughter, you have blown my expectations out of the water. 

You are definitely different from your brother (and not just because you have girl parts) in the most amazing ways ...

You are so spunky.  You get into more than he ever did at this age, and you do so with such determination and sneakiness.  One minute, you are quietly playing with something on the floor and, the next (as soon as I turn away), you are happily destroying a shelf full of books and knocking them, one by one, to the ground.

You are loud.  You are so much more vocal than Malcolm ever was at this age.  You mimic our sounds, and constantly make your presence known.  You shriek and coo and laugh and you seem so close to uttering real words in your sweet and tiny voice.

You are smart.  (Not that Malcolm wasn't, but) you already know how to get what you want ... Whether it is with crocodile tears or by acting adorable!

We are in so much trouble.

But we are so in love!

This past year has been a fun ride already, and I can't wait to watch you grow and change over the coming years ... 

You are the daughter that I wasn't expecting, but you are exactly what I wanted.

I love you so much, my little gem.

Love always,

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