March 13, 2013

the apple (part two)

I posted something very similar for Malcolm the week that he turned one, so I thought it might be fun to try it again for my little girl ...

(Is she turning one already?!)

The old saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" has always rang true to me, yet I never realized just how true it was until I had children of my own.

All day long, I see myself and my husband reflected back in our daughter ...

In her many goofy expressions (especially her "stinker face").

In her crooked (yet still mostly-toothless) smile.

In so many of her little mannerisms.

In the sound of her laughter and tiny voice.

In her love of naptime and a good night's sleep.

In her inquisitive personality and tendency to be mischivous when no one's looking.

In her hearty appetite for foods of all kinds (and the ability to pack them away in the blink of an eye).

And, not to mention, all the various physical features!

Yes, Pearl is definitely our (second) little apple ... 

We are two for two in the fruit-producing department!

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