March 6, 2013

third time's the charm

So, as I mentioned in another post, our house was (back) on the market for the third time beginning in the middle of January.

It wasn't anything different.

It didn't feel special.

Just the same old song and dance.

A flurry of getting the house "ready" ...  Cleaning and decluttering so that the realtor could take photos, and so things would look nice if anyone wanted to take a closer look.

Debating on a new low, low listing price that wouldn't bankrupt us in the process (should someone actually be interested this time).

And then, of course, just sitting back and waiting.

And wondering.

And imagining, "What if?"

What if this was the time? 

And, after about one month of showings (averaging about one per week, not too shabby in Cleveland's depressed real estate market!), we got a nibble.

Someone made an offer.

And we accepted!

And, things still seem to be progressing in the right direction.

No news is good news, as they say. 

Third time's the charm!

So, here we sit, busy going through closets and loading boxes and trying to prepare ourselves (practically and mentally) for the April 10th closing date.

We're still figuring out the "new house" stuff on this end, but it is a good feeling.

Knowing that, after two years of the same old song and dance, the third try has yielded some results.

That our family will be moving on.

Our family will be moving!

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