April 17, 2013

ghosts of the past

As has been mentioned around these parts, our house sold and we are currently residing in a "temporary" location until the short sale we bid on comes through.

To say that our current home has "history" would be a bit of an understatement.

Not only was the home built in the 1920's, and, therefore, is full of woodwork and character, it has also been in my family for decades ...  Owned first by my grandfather, then by my uncle and dad collectively, and, now, just by my dad.

But, it also has been lived in by these same people.

The downstairs unit has been graced by my great-grandparents, and my own family ...  From my birth, until the time I was nearly twelve, this was also my home.  I shared one of the two bedrooms with both of my sisters.  I played in the (small) yard (that felt huge at the time), and created plays and shows in the basement (which was set up as our playroom).

The upstairs unit, where we are living today, was where my dad grew up ...  He slept in the same bedroom that Malcolm currently calls "his."  Then, when my dad's family moved away, my uncle continued to rent the upstairs unit ... And, in more recent years, my sister and a friend lived there.

It's obvious to see that this house has been called "home" by most of my family (at one time or another), and now, here I am ...  Back with my husband and kids, and living here (albeit in a different unit) a second time. 

Making new memories in an old house.

Continuing the history that started so many years before.

While I never anticipated that our home selling (and buying) experience would put us in "The Double," I find myself happy that it did.

Yes, we are a bit squished in our two-bedroom retreat.

Yes, the kitchen is tiny and the stove is old.

Yes, it is awkward tip-toeing around the one-year-old that sleeps in the master bedroom.

And, yes, packing and moving on two separate (and closely-spaced) occasions is going to stink.

But, it is so incredibly cool to hear my dad talk to Malcolm about how he used to sleep in the same room when he was a boy ...

To see how this simple house connects generations of my family.

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