April 2, 2013

pearl's first birthday bash (a recap)

The month of March was a whirlwind of activity!

Between prepping and packing for moving and planning a first birthday party for my girl (that would hold up to the standard set by her brother's first birthday party), I am lucky that I'm still in one piece!

But it was all worth it ... 

(I love it when an idea just comes together!)

Pearl's pink and green owl party theme came from a cute invitation I found and purchased on Etsy back in January (nothing like getting a jump on things!).

I originally planned on making an owl-shaped cake out of cupcakes (sort of like the octopus cake for Malcolm's third birthday), but changed gears at the last possible moment when I found the following pattern during a Google search. 

I adapted it slightly for my needs and wants, and ended up with this ...

I had just enough cake left over for a small "smash cake" so that Pearl could dig in ...
And "dig in" she did (she practically ate the entire thing)!!
All in all, everything went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time celebrating my baby girl's first birthday!

Now, hopefully, moving goes just as smoothly ...

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