April 18, 2013

a boy and his toys

My husband is always concerned that our kids "don't have enough toys."

I think he's silly.

(Especially after hauling the multiple, over-sized boxes of toys ...  And train tables ...  And books ... During our move!)

While, I know my sisters and I had our share of possessions, I also spent many (many!) hours being creative and making up new games or situations for the things that I already had ...  I didn't necessarily need something new to grab my attention.

So, it seems (at least right now), is the case with Malcolm.

He will go for longs spans of time, basically ignoring something, then get into it full force all of a sudden.

Just this past weekend, he reacquainted himself with his collection of cars and trucks and was back to his old tricks of racing them and carefully lining them up ...

Over and over again.

Sweater: Greendog (hand me down)
Tee-shirt: Now & Zen (hand me down)
Khaki pants: Old Navy (hand me down)
Socks: Unknown brand (hand me down)
Shoes: Sperry (thrifted for $2.00)

In fact, although you can't tell from the above expression (he was actually trying to hide behind the couch), he was less than enthusiastic about me and my camera infringing upon his play time.

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