April 4, 2013

neon and glitter (this must be another pearl post)

Every week, I tell myself that I'm going to get some pictures of Malcolm wearing something cute for my "Thursday Threads" post ...

Every week, I come up short.

Sometimes, it is because we don't have a reason to get out of our pajamas (and into anything other than sweat pants) ...  Other times, it is because he is three and doesn't particularly like to cooperate when my camera comes out of its case.

I had high hopes for a nice Easter photo of the two of them ...

But, no worries!

Pearl is usually more than happy to obligue (although she, too, is all over the place and doesn't appreciate sitting still for more than a second or two) ...

This week was no exception.

Since she only has two teeth (and does not get to eat a lot of candy just yet), Pearl's Easter basket this year was full of clothes.

And since our house is in disarray for our upcoming move (Saturday!), it was easier to pull something out of that Easter basket and put her in it ...

Long-sleeved tee-shirt: Circo (on sale for $4.20)
Onesie: Baby Gap (gift)
Fleece Pants: Wonderkids (thrifted for $0.50)
Socks: Old Navy (gift)

Luckily, it was cute.

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