May 22, 2013

train wreck

We took Malcolm to a "Day Out with Thomas" event over the weekend and witnessed the (unexpected?) highs and lows of a three-year-old in the span of a half hour.

I think the following photos sum up the experience quite nicely ...

Photo #1: Too much excitement leads to an all-out kicking and screaming melt down, and some tears.

Photo #2: The train is coming back into the station?  Wait a minute ...  This is fun!

Photo #3: Being cooperative and actually posing for pictures (with Gordon, his favorite engine) ... Maybe he wants to come again next year?

You've got to love the roller coaster that is life with a three-year-old ... 

As much as I like to complain (commiserate?) about it, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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