November 19, 2010

my little love dove

There are so many things that I want to remember about Malcolm's "babyhood."

(And, yes, I still consider this time of our life to be part of it ...)

If I'm being completely honest, the super-detailed notes and descriptions of events in his baby book are more for me, than for him. I know that as time stretches on he is going to change and things that happen today, won't happen anymore. Besides, I'm a scientist by nature and we are known for our meticulous notes!

Anyway, one of my favorite things that he currently does is "give kisses."

It all started months and months ago with soft things. No matter what the object or where he was, Malcolm would pop the thumb in his mouth and lean in for a snuggle the moment there was contact ... A fuzzy pillow, a stuffed animal, a cuddly sweater, his spotted blanket. It would happen every time.

It still happens.

It's totally adorable!

Then the leaning in for a snuggle carried over toward other things ... Usually pictures in books. If a character in a book was cuddling or sleeping, he'd lean in to kiss it without any prompting. Of course, if you asked him to "give the puppy a kiss," he'd do that, too. Much to his mother's delight!

Now, he gives us "kisses." All you have to do is ask and his whole demeanor changes. If he is being crazy, he calms down and his little face slowly gets closer to your own. There is no lip puckering, no actual "kissing" as you might recognize it, but he comes in all the same ... His little forehead resting against yours.

It gets me every time!

I know that, someday, he will resist my kisses (probably push me away before I can get within a good kissing distance) and be embarrassed to be seen with me ... But, for now, I can get all the kisses I want!

And I have the notes in the baby book to prove it.

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