November 9, 2010

good morning, little boy

There is something about a cute set of pajamas that make me want to hug and squeeze Malcolm until he can't take any more of it.

From the moment I saw these particular ones in the store, I knew we (I?) had to have them.

I even bought them one size too big so that he'd be able to wear them a little bit longer ...

Just like my former "favorite pajamas," I love everything about these:

The pattern of fat forest animals ...

The cuddly thermal fabric and how it makes his little arms and legs look so skinny ...

But, most importantly, I love the way Malcolm loves wearing them ...

I can hardly contain my glee whenever I ask, "Malcolm, where's the bear?" and he looks at me, excitement in his eyes, and then does this:

Thermal pajamas: Just One Year ($7.00)

He's turning into such a little boy!

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