November 2, 2010

my little peanut

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

I love love LOVE it!

So, as you might expect, I was very excited at the prospect of having a child who could actually participate and dress up as something. Last year, Malcolm was a little over a month old, so his Halloween "costume" consisted of a black onesie with the outline of a skeleton on it and a pair of tan sweat pants.

I told everyone that he was a "skeleton wearing pants."

Not the most exciting costume of the year.

This year, I knew Malcolm had to be something cute ... And something that I could construct myself.

Many of my fondest Halloween memories come from the unique, handcrafted costumes my Mom would make for my sisters and me. I truly hope to carry on that tradition and create things that Malcolm will be proud to wear and remember as the years roll by.

Besides, who wants to pay $30.00 for a cheaply made, drafty costume (that falls apart in one evening) anyway?

So, for my first-ever attempt at a child's Halloween costume, I went simple.

Very simple.

Behold, my little Peanut ... Charlie Brown:

Onesie: Old Navy ($1.50)
Yellow Polo: Cherokee ($1.75 from the sale rack at Target)
Fabric/Supplies for Stripe: Walmart ($3.75)
Pants: Old Navy (thrifted for $2.00)
Socks: Circo (gift)
Shoes: Faded Glory (thrifted for $3.00)
Football: Radioshack ($1.00)

I can't wait for next year!

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