November 23, 2010

when dad picks the outfit

The weekend (and Monday) flew right by. I barely had a moment to think, let alone sit down and compose a coherent blog post. It's really a shame, too, because this Sunday marked the completion of my husband's twenty-ninth year of life!

Happy birthday, Honey!

As part of my gift to him (Ha!), he was left with baby duty on Saturday morning. Since our Friday night had been hectic, Malcolm was put to bed before I had a chance to lay out the next day's clothes. Although I know my husband is quite capable of dressing himself, and therefore his son, I was curious to come home and see what he had come up with ...

The sweat pants may have been too long and the shirt a tad too tight, but the overall look was still cute and comfortable.

But the best part was that Malcolm slept for nearly three hours that afternoon ... I credit the warm, cozy pants!

Onesie: Old Navy (gift)
Sweat pants: Athletic Works (thrifted for $1.50)
Socks: Walmart (pack of ten for $6.00)

There's something to be said for an outfit that is all about comfort!

Three hour naps certainly aren't a bad thing!

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