August 3, 2010

my favorite pajamas

I think that Malcolm looks cute in whatever he wears ... I'm his mother. I obviously have a very biased opinion of anything that remotely relates to him.

(This should come as no surprise!)

Even so, there are things that Malcolm wears, outfits that I put together, that have the power to make him even cuter ... If that is even possible. One such "outfit" that I will be really sad to retire is his snap-up fish onesie, something he wears as pajamas on warm nights. While it is as simple as can be, there is just something about it that I loved from the moment I first put him in it.

Maybe it's the fact that it has always been a perfect fit, hugging his little baby body from head to toe:

Maybe it's the fact that it makes his little bubble butt, look a little bit bubblier than usual:

Maybe it's the fact that he always seems so darn happy when he is wearing it:

Onesie: Gymboree (thrifted for $1.50)

Whatever the reason, this simple onesie was well worth the price I paid for it (and then some)!

Maybe I can locate one in a bigger size ...

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