August 18, 2010

to fifty and beyond

With babies, talk is always centered around milestones ...

Although this isn't exactly the same thing, I have been at this blog for about three months now ... And today marks my fiftieth post! According to the little sitemeter (that you may or may not have noticed over there in the right hand margin), I can tell that I have more visitors than just myself, some of which have returned on more than one occasion!

To you, valued returning visitors, I say "thank you" and humbly ask:

What sort of thing do you like to see when you visit this blog?

What can I do to keep you coming back (and maybe even recommend this blog to a friend)?

Basically, how am I doing?

Am I striking a chord with any of this, or is everything just pointless drivel? I like to think that I have something to add to the vastness that is the internet, that my experiences matter or that I have something worth saying, but I can never be sure.

I started this blog as a chance for me to sort out the thoughts and occurrences of my day-to-day life ... And now, fifty entries in, I'm pleased that I'm still going strong. Unlike my previous blogging attempts, I'm not running into too many writer's blocks and have been consistently posting three days a week. It's funny that my seemingly hum-drum days are filled with blog-worthy moments and material that I can write about ... And, as Malcolm gets older, I have a feeling that that will only continue to increase.

The only thing that is missing (right now) is an audience response.

While part of me is perfectly content writing each entry just for me (with no need for any comments), part of me yearns for the validation ... And gets really excited if a post yields a comment! I guess it's just one way for me to know that my words or pictures have been met with enthusiasm from someone other than myself.

So, please take a moment, after reading this entry, to send a little feedback my way!

I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Congrats on hitting 50!!! You know you can always count on me to read your blog for many reasons...
    You are my friend...
    You are a really great writer...
    Pics and updates on adorable Malcolm!!! =)

  2. You need to share the sand story!