August 26, 2010

slap happy

In addition to using his hands to point and/or gesture at EVERYTHING, Malcolm has realized that they are also good for slapping his parents silly. On more than one occasion, he has faked either my husband or myself out by being completely adorable and then rewarded our cuddliness with a major smack to the face.

As I have mentioned before, he gets extremely upset when told "no" about anything ... However, slapping us must be so fun that our reprimands are falling on deaf ears. Instead of looking wounded, Malcolm will shoot us his biggest, broadest smile, slowly lean in, and then rest his forehead against our just-slapped-faces as if to say: "You don't really mean that, look at how cute I can be!"

I am having an increasingly hard time maintaining an angry face through all of this.

My husband, who used to keep a good, stern front, is beginning to crack.

The charms of our abusive little baby are starting to get to us. There are weak spots in our parental defenses ... And he has taken note of them!

We better get this figured out before we have a teenager on our hands ...

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