August 24, 2010

baby boyle

He may only be eleven months old (as of Monday!), but I can already see so much potential in Malcolm.

Maybe it is just because he is a boy and has a knack for getting into things, but he seems to be inquisitive by nature ... Always checking out his surroundings, and rooting around through whatever is in front of him to try and figure it out. He has started to take a liking to his board books, too, paging through them for fifteen minutes or more in a single sitting.

I would be blatantly lying if I said that seeing this aptitude for such thinking-oriented activities didn't excite me to my very core ... Just as I hoped for a child that would look like me, I'd be equally thrilled to have one that thought like me, too! Bring on the smart!

But he's still a baby.

He's probably only doing what babies do.

And what do I know, anyway?

So, in an effort to encourage the nerd in my son (in reality, he will probably end up like his father and love all things movie-related instead), I find great amusement in putting him in the science-themed clothing that I have accumulated. Today's onesie was another CafePress find, and it has always gotten a reaction from all those that see it:

Onesie: CafePress ($10.00)
Shorts: Circo (thrifted as part of a onesie/shorts set for $1.50)

Yes, that's a periodic table.

I guess a baby sporting one is somewhat unexpected.

Unexpectedly adorable.

*For those not "in the know," scientist Robert Boyle first defined what an element was way back in 1661 ... Hence the title of this post.

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