August 10, 2010

nerd in training

When Malcolm was still a squishy little thing, laying around all day in sleepers, I went on a shopping spree for when he was "bigger." Searching Google left and right for science-related baby merchandise, I stumbled upon CafePress and wasn't disappointed.

In that single visit, I spent more than I usually do in a thrifting trip and received far less ... But it was worth it! You can't put a price on seeing your cute-as-a-button baby in periodic table or phagocytosis onesies, or shirts like the one featured today.

Titled "Cellabration" on the website, today's tee shows different cells having a party ... One is wearing a party hat, one is using a party noisemaker, and two others are saying "oh yeah!" and/or "get funky!"

Get it? Cell-abration? Like celebrating, but with "cell" in there instead?

Tee-shirt: CafePress ($14.00)
Shorts: Wilson (thrifted for $1.00)
Pocket calculator: Casio (hand-me-down from Dad)

The only thing that would make this whole outfit just a little more awesome would be a pocket complete with pocket protector ... And maybe some thick-rimmed glasses to help Malcolm see the numbers on his calculator as he figures out how many cells will be present at this party in forty-eight hours.

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