December 13, 2010

one of those kids

Last year, Malcolm was all about Santa.

He snuggled right up, looking quite innocent and adorable, and gurgled lots of gift ideas into his ear ...

This year, Malcolm wasn't so sure about the Jolly Old Elf.

Standing on his own, and taking it all in from a safe distance, he was all smiles until it was his turn to meet the man in red.

"Let's go see Santa," I said cheerfully, taking his hand to guide him ... But he wouldn't budge.

Instead, he clutched my leg and wouldn't let go.

After being carried over and gently placed on Santa's lap, his face took on a fearful gaze. He clutched at my shirt and squirmed toward me.

Who is this person?! His eyes screamed.

Not wanting a tearful photo, I joined him next to Santa ...

What else could I do?

I guess I'm going to have one of those kids on my hands.

The kind that likes to look from faraway, but doesn't want to get any closer ...

Maybe this will save us from the ridiculous mall lines if all Malcolm wants is to look from beyond the crowd of people.

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