December 29, 2010


Someone got a LOT of gifts for Christmas this year ...

A piano shaped like an alligator.

Multiple puzzles.


Croc winter boots.

A baby tool bench.

A plastic shopping cart.

Lots of play food.


Stuffed animals (including a "Pillow Pet").

An educational baby cell phone.

More light up, noise-making toys than I would prefer.

Not one, but two riding toys.

It's a good thing Malcolm won't remember this Christmas ...

The bar would be set quite a bit higher than I think we could achieve year after year!

That, and we'd seriously need a bigger house to hold everything!

1 comment:

  1. It's fun to enjoy it while they don't have any expectations. Before long, all he'll want is over-priced video games or Legos or whatever and at least you'll have a Pillow Pet to gaze lovingly at as you remember the good ol' days. ;-)