December 9, 2010

what a difference a week can make

Just last week I began composing a post about how Malcolm is content to "walk" around the house on his knees (instead of his feet). I didn't get very far, but figured I'd have some time to iron it out ... The kids seemed like he was in no hurry to figure out the whole walking on two feet thing.

He was happy doing his little knee shuffle.

Not anymore!

This week, things are different.

Very different.

The usual 70/30 distribution of knee to feet walking has completely flip-flopped. Now, instead of shuffling around on his knees for a majority of the time, he is walking full force ...

Two footed.

Just going for it.

Sure, he still slips and falls or basically belly flops onto the carpet, but he's definitely getting the hang of it. And you can tell he's loving every minute of it.

Once he figures out how to stand up from a sitting position without the aid of a piece of furniture (or a wall, or a toy, or a person) we are in so much trouble ...

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