July 8, 2011

birth of a hobby

I'm still getting the hang of the SLR camera I got for Christmas ... But the lovely holiday weekend gave me ample opportunity to get my feet wet!

After a little light reading (late into the night) about photography tricks and tips, I found myself venturing onto the manual setting a little more frequently with mixed results. Even so, I do feel like I'm making some slight progress ... And a little "post-production" experiment has piqued my interest in taking more than just straight out of camera (or SOOC for all you photography types) photos.

What started out cute but majorly overexposed ...

Actually turned into something pretty cool ...

(If I do say so myself!)

I'm really liking the almost vintage feel that it has to it ... And it's gotten my creative juices flowing.

Just in time for my month of summer vacation!

Maybe this means that I'll have to spend a little more time loading my photos into our old editing software and then tinkering with contrast and brightness, hue and saturation from now on ...

If only I had a "little more time" to spend!

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