July 11, 2011


You may have noticed that I've made some recent changes to it's MOMbojumbo ...

With summer in full swing (and lots of time on my hands), I've decided to give this blog some extra attention and much needed updating. Not only will it (hopefully!) make the blog easier to navigate, it will also help motivate me to keep working on it!

As I mentioned in one of my very first posts, I am no stranger to the blog world ... I'm just not very good at keeping a blog going for any length of time! The last one survived just over a year (so this blog hitting the one year mark isn't a record), but it was much more sparsely updated ... And while I am (still!) enjoying coming up with posts from week to week, sometimes a "fresh start" is just what I need to keep the creative juices flowing.

It certainly doesn't hurt!

So, in all of this updating, any regular readers may notice the following changes:
  • The blog has a different look (and bigger photos).
  • There are new tabs toward the top of my blog to help improve functionality! They will help you to find an "about me" section, some of my featured and/or crafty posts, and help you back to the main page if you stray too far off the beaten path.
  • My Tuesday "baby fashion" posts will now be featured on Thursdays instead, because the title "Thursday Threads" just popped into my head (and I thought it had a nice ring to it). So, if you like keeping up with Malcolm's wardrobe from week to week, use the new tab to go directly to those specific posts ... I made the mistake of using it and found myself lost in the nostalgia ...
  • Lastly, and probably most excitingly (if that's even a word), I'm now a part of the BlogHer universe! So, if you're new and found me through BlogHer ... Welcome!
So, again, you may have noticed that it's MOMbojumbo has had a bit of a makeover ...

Please let me know what you think and feel free to leave any suggestions for ways I can make it even better!

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