March 6, 2012

pain in the abs (take two)

When asked how this pregnancy is going, I've had a handful of standby responses ...


No pain ... No problems.

Exactly like the last pregnancy.

All said with a smug little smile.

Cue the 36-week mark (last week) and HOLY HELL ...

Things just got interesting.

According to my midwife, I'm currently experiencing "ligament pains." Achy, burning pain from the stretching of the ligaments that extend from my uterus to the various points of attachment in my abdomen (and that appear during second and subsequent pregnancies).

Sometimes these "pains" are just that ... A small inconvenience, causing me to walk a bit slower or take it a bit easier.

Other times, they are utterly ridiculous.

I've gotten stuck on the floor (picking up toys) on numerous occasions.

It takes me much longer than usual to climb the stairs.

I can't carry Malcolm (or laundry baskets, or anything heavier than five pounds for that matter) anywhere.

I'm seriously like an old woman ... Slowly climbing into or out of the car ... Standing up from my chair and pausing for a good minute as I mentally prepare myself for those first steps away from the table ... Shuffling around the house ... Just trying to keep up ...

Changing position in bed at night is a comedy of errors. It's near impossible to turn over, or bend my legs, or just sit up, in a way that doesn't cause a major abdominal twinge.

Why hadn't I ever heard of this before?

Why do I seem to be the only person I know with this issue?

I guess Baby #2 is making it known (right now!) that he/she is very different from my first baby.

Point taken, little one.

Point taken.

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