January 31, 2012


It has begun.

The dam is breaking.

Seemingly out of nowhere, new words are trickling off of Malcolm's tongue ... And I couldn't be happier!

As I've documented from the start of this blog (when Malcolm could barely sit up on his own!) the language milestones were probably the ones that, as a new mother, I was anticipating the most.

As a self-described nerd, the whole "talking" thing just appealed to me ...

To me, it meant brain power.

A certain aptitude for all things "smart."

Intellectual ability.

And while I know that not talking can also mean these exact same things (Anyone ever hear of a man named Albert Einstein?), having a verbal child, one that could talk and communicate with me, was something that I was really looking forward to. So, even though the signing helped to fill that communication void for a while (and is still such a cool skill that I am happy Malcolm has picked up), the emergence of words in his unique little voice was a highly anticipated thing.

Now that his "little voice" has been found, let's just say that I have not been disappointed.

Not one little bit.

The glimpses into his thoughts and personality keep us entertained for hours (and make my heart melt into a little puddle of goo)!

The dam is definitely breaking, and flowing through its crumbing facade are words like ...

Baby, back, ball, bead, bee, beep, block, boo-boo, boat, book, bowl, bug, bunch, butt, bye, car, church, cook, cup, Dad, door, duck, eight, eye, go, ham, hand, harp, hat, heart, help, hide, high, hot, house, hug, ice, in, Ma (for Grandma), me, milk, Mom, mouse, moon, moose, more, nap, nope, off, oh my, oh no, on, one, ouch, out, owl, Pa (for Grandpa), peas, pee, pie, pink, pop, poop, pork, red, run, Spot (his blanket), sun, three, two, up, wet, what, white, whoa, why, wow, yeah, yes ...

It's quite the increase from my previous post on the subject ... And there are probably more words that I'm forgetting!

Two-word combinations and multiple syllables, here we come!

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