January 19, 2012

playing in a winter wonderland

Snow on the ground, plus a day off from school (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), plus nearly forty degree (and partly sunny!) temperatures meant some time spent in the backyard on Monday.

Malcolm hasn't really been out in the snow (although he loved playing in a patch that had iced over last weekend), so, at first he was unsure as to what to do.

Winter coat: The Children's Place (thrifted for $4.00)
Fleece hat and mittens set: Old Navy ($5.00 on sale)
Sweat pants: Garanimals (gift)
Winter boots: Walmart brand ($15.00)

Eventually, he got the hang of it ... Gathering fist fulls of the fluffy white stuff and hurtling them at me!

Then he decided that shoveling seemed like a fun idea (you're never too young to learn how to shovel when you live in Cleveland!) ...

He was definitely enjoying the change of pace and the chance to be outside again ... But, then again, I was, too!

If only every winter day could be like this!

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