January 24, 2012

phases (of the moon)

Malcolm is completely enthralled by the moon right now.

He loves to look at the real thing, read books containing its picture, point out objects shaped like it ...

If something has even the slightest connection or similarity to the moon, Malcolm is all over it.

Not only does this have the science nerd in me giddy with excitement (maybe my little boy will grow up to be a bit of a nerd, too!), it also has worked to my advantage many times over.

For one, getting him to eat good foods has been a breeze, now that I've harnessed the power of the moon:

Banana slices ... Moons!

Kiwi slices, sliced in half ... (Half) moons!

Baked sandwich pockets ... Moons!

Beans in our taco soup ... Moons!

I even busted out my crescent moon cookie cutter to turn peanut butter sandwiches and pita bread into edible moons, much to Malcolm's delight.

I know I've said this before, but I find it absolutely fascinating how Malcolm has formed preferences like this all on his own ... He knows what he likes and he makes the decisions.

He is his own little independent person.

Although I could push my own agenda on him, try to get him to like something that I like (or that I liked as a child), it's so much more fun to watch his little brain in action ...

Seeing the excitement on his face when he can see the moon through the window at night ...

Hearing him happily shout "moon!" when he identifies yet another object that resembles it ...

Watching him just be Malcolm.

I absolutely love the little person he is so quickly becoming (with or without his science-related preferences).

I am so lucky that he is mine.

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