January 27, 2012

fetal anatomy 101

When I was in my third trimester with Malcolm, there was a pointy lump that would surface every now and then at the top of my belly, just to the right and above my belly button.

It's a sweet little heel! I'd think to myself as I'd press on it, magically making it disappear (until it would come back a little while later).

It was like a little game we'd play.

This baby must be ticklish!

Just like its father!

How cute!

Some time later, at a routine doctor's appointment, my doctor was pressing on my belly to see how the baby had orientated itself in my uterus (I was full term and could, technically, deliver any day).

She commented how the baby was head down (a good sign!) ...

How she could feel the arch of its back ...

And then ... "Here's the baby's butt," she said casually, pressing on the lump that I had been calling a heel for a good two months.

I thought, for a moment, that she had to be wrong.

Who has a butt that pointy??
I wondered.

As it turns out, Malcolm did.

And, now, today, I can tell that his sibling does, too.

The pointy "heel" has returned.

Sitting just up and to the right of my belly button.

Floating in and out of detection at various points throughout the day.

I guess I make pointy-butted babies ... My body must accumulate all the butt fat for them!

It's yet another way that this second pregnancy is eerily similar to the first.

Just another reminder that, yes (although it feels like a different lifetime), I've actually done this baby thing before.

About two months left before I get to meet my second pointy-butted child!

I honestly can't wait.

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  1. Oh, how exciting! I remember the pointy butt too! I always remember thinking, "how can this possibly be a bottom?" because it seemed so small and sharp. It is simply amazing.

    Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy. Here's hoping to a peaceful birth experience and a happy, healthy baby!