January 4, 2012

pink has no place anytime

After feeling mighty accomplished that I contained my son's pink eye infection and came out unscathed, I have been sorely, sorely disappointed.

Turns out those little pink eye buggers can hang around, just lurking in the shadows, for over a week!

Turns out that, despite my best efforts in washing linens, and blankets, and towels, and the like, and in cleaning and disinfecting any surfaces the little man's hands may have touched ... I have been sporting my very own pink eye for about a day now.

Talk about nasty!

It came on quick during my first official day "back to work," and by the evening, I had made plans to visit an "Express Clinic" near our house to get a prescription for some antibiotics.

"What seems to be the problem today?" The physician's assistant asked me after I was finally called from the waiting room.

"I've got pink eye."

"Okay. Which eye is it?" He asked, looking up from the computer to glance over at me. "Oh. I guess it would be the pink one."

Yes, the pink one.

The nasty, itchy, gunky pink one.

The thing I just eradicated (or so I thought) from my son and our home.

So much for that!

And so it goes ...

Once I've become non-contagious after twenty-four hours, the scrubbing and cleaning and washing will begin again ... And you better believe that I will find those bugs and eliminate them this time!

The last thing I need is for them to find their way into my husband's eye ...

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