January 17, 2012

thirty weeks

Today marks my thirtieth week of pregnancy with Baby #2.

It blows my mind that I'm already into the thirties this time around ...

The third trimester!

Only six more weeks until I'm considered full term.

Possibly nine more until I'm holding a new baby in my arms (if this one has the same sense of timing as his/her brother).

But, no matter how you look at it, it's all just a blip on the radar.

A blink of an eye.

These moments are coming and going so fast that I have hardly had the opportunity to catch my breath. Between working/teaching full-time, tending to a two-year-old, and just living my life from day to day, I have had little time to really sit down and reflect on the changes that are taking place.

I know that I am lucky.

It is no secret that pregnancy is easy for me.

Getting pregnant.

Staying pregnant.

Carrying a baby from fertilization to full term.

One milestone flows effortlessly into the next ...

My body grows according to schedule, changes with the new life inside of it.

I eat more.

I (attempt to) sleep more.

I take it easy when I can.

And, at each stage along the way, this little passenger (and our shared time together) reminds me so much of when Malcolm was still in utero ... It might as well be the same pregnancy, but during a different time of year.

I've had no morning sickness.

No back pain.

No elevated blood pressure or gestational diabetes.

Things are progressing just as they should be, all in alignment with the doctor's expectations ... Except for the small detail that, like Malcolm before him/her, this little one is starting to "measure small."

But, still, there have been no surprises.

And, here we are, thirty weeks in.

Only six more until I'm full term.

Possibly nine (maybe ten?) until our family grows by another member.

Like I said earlier, it blows my mind.

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